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When, if not now?!

When, if not now?!

Plug-in to retreat and do something for yourself! Fill three days with running, e-cycling and/or hiking, attend pottery workshop, “arp” yourself and relax in perfect peace! Two nights for two persons: 85,00 EUR (until 14 June and from 15 Sept. to 24 Dec. 2021) or 101,00 EUR (from 15 June to 15 Sept. 2021). For at least two nights we offer 50 % discount for additional offers: Barbara’s ceramic worskhop, daily rent of e-bike, 30 minute ARP training and a grandiose mountain hike with a guide (i.e. crossing of Košuta ridge, circular hike Base Camp-Mt. Storžič or ridge hike Zelenica-Golica). Breakfast for adult: 8,00 EUR/pp, tourist tax 2,00 EUR/pp. In July and August free guided tours of the Dovžan Gorge, the old town centre of Tržič, St. Anne mercury mine and Ljubelj Labour Camp! Please contact us for additional info!

Again: “Thank you!”

We’ve been praised by Airbnb so we can probably share it with all of you, especially those of you who have contributed to these compliments in any way.  Thank youuuuuuuuu and welcome!



Run & Hike/Bike Tour & Pottery Workshop & ARP therapy



In the staircase at Base Camp there’s a board on which up till now there was a simple and sincere expression of welcome written in more than 50 languages. In our first six years we had 5.826 stays over night by guests from 54 countries from all over the world. And only three months were completely empty. Now when we have third empty month in a row we realized that when we start anew it will really be a new beginning. So we instead of adding something decided to wipe … everything. From now on you, dear guests, will be writing (about) our new beginnings again (chalks are waiting). Also with new surroundings (more to come). At the beginning of June … welcome!

This summer enjoy your isolated holiday!

Base Camp lies in the middle of picturesque Upper Carniola village of Križe, alone at the foothills of astonishingly beautiful ridge of Mt. Kriška. With no crowds, so typical for Bled and other frequently visited nearby towns, but with all necessary infrastructure just a short drive away. In less than five minutes you’re in front of any supermarket from all major Slovene chains, at gas station, at pharmacy, … And less than fifteen minute drive away you’re at the starting point of so many beautiful mountain trails. At Base Camp you’ve got the whole Upper Carniola at your hand! We accept bookings of larger groups (up to 16 guests) until late May. We guarantee you isolation and peace … and also don’t worry – for our cleanliness and hospitality we’ve been getting the highest ratings on major reservation portals for years. Send us an email or give us a phone call, dis-connect to re-connnect!

Welcome overnight at Trans Karavanke!

Dear mountain bikers, when doing the charming Trans Karavanke MTB tour through Tržič area, between Jezersko and Mt. Stol, very welcome to stay over night and have a morning tea or coffee at our place!

Healthy, adventurous 2019!

We’re #superhost again!

We’ve started 2018 just like we ended 2017 – with recognition😃

It feels good but we certainly don’t intend to rest on our laurels…

…and heroes of hospitality!

🤗Not only “superhosts”, we’re “heroes of hospitality”, too. And now enough of praise, since the criteria are set, let’s go to work, high season is coming…


Happy, healthy 2018!

This praise goes to each of us, especially to our dear guests. Thank you from the heart to all of you who participate to the story of Base Camp. Always welcome and may 2018 be your another favourite year!

photo: Luka Rener

Even below the roof fresh during summer!

Although summer temperatures in our Upper Carniola region are usually bearable, we anyway – for the good of our more sensitive guests – decided for a big investment: in the breakfast/dining room and in 3b bedroom on the 3rd floor we’ve placed air conditioning. From next summer on your stay in Base Camp even during the hottest of days will be controlled fresh!

Bo za novo leto najbrž zgledala takole / Will probbably look like this over New Year's eve Mala pikica v sobi št. 6 / The little one in room No. 6
May 1st Bonfire

May 1st Bonfire


Today, in the middle of August, Base Camp already reached number of night spents as in whole of the last year. We are veeery happy! And we’ve got overall pretty good reviews on all major booking portals. Thanks to all of our dear guests, to those, who can’t praise enough our views and breakfasts, and to those who are not completely satisfied (and you should tell this first to us:)! To first ones for stimulation, beautiful moments of joy and endless debates, and to others for motive and cognition, that things could be improved. Let’s go on … and, of course, very welcome!

Chillout corner is in order

Chillout corner is in order

These are probably the biggest two seating/reading bags in whole Gorenjska! At Base Camp we set up a nice, cozy chillout corner…

We were at Cows’ Ball in Bohinj

We were at Cows’ Ball in Bohinj

Each September, a remarkable event takes place in Slovenia’s Bohinj Valley. That’s when hundreds of cows – adorned with flowers, wreaths, and ribbons – make their way into the lowlands from surrounding high-altitude pastures. The season is over. Walking alongside cows are their herdsmen, as well as hundreds of locals and visitors, many in traditional Alpine dresses and other colorful clothing. In the valley the party turns even livelier. As the procession approaches the village of Ukanc, accordion groups and brass bands join the festivities to celebrate the cows’ return.

Creative ceramic hours

Creative ceramic hours

Join Barbara in her ceramic studio and feel soft clay between your fingers. You will learn how to transform a ball of clay into a tea cup.

Cobblers’ Sunday in Tržič

Tržič has an old tradition of preparing a Cobblers’ fair on the so-called Angel Sunday. The first Sunday in September this year marks the 47th ethno fair.

The tradition of the Cobblers’ Sunday is connected to an old custom when the shoemaker’s apprentices were promoted into assistants. A fair and a public festivity bring lots of traditional items, including shoes and other leather products, as well as local food and wine-tasting events for visitors to enjoy.

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