Over the balcony hike

Over the balcony hike

Tržič-Kriška gora hut-Tolsti vrh-Gozd

We hit the pleasant forrest trail that passes Mala and beauty spot Velika Mizica on the stairs in strict centre of Tržič. First with ease and later also in a more steep manner we ascend the wide ridge of Mt. Kriška. We walk through cool forrest and when we come into the open, we reach The Kriška gora hut with perfect views all around Upper Carniola. At the hut we can have some rest, eat and drink. We’ll walk another hour over one of the nicest ridges around, to reach the highest point of Kriška gora, Tolsti vrh (The Fat peak, 1715 m). We’ll descend over rocky and later forrest terrain through Ježa and finally hit a wide trail that leads to the village of Gozd, where we can take a ride to the starting point in town. We can also cut the hike by a third to descend to Gozd from the hut.

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