Stol-Golica ridge

Stol-Golica ridge

the Stol-Golica ridge

Definitely a biggie, ridge (or better just-below-the-ridge) trail on a large scale, where you even don’t have to reach peaks on both ends. We started at Valvasorjev Dom Pod Stolom and in cold, but promising November morning ascended first below Mt. Stol. Over scree you join marked ridge trail and below Mt. Potoški Stol and Vajnež follow on towards planinas Stamare and Svečica, over Suha saddle and below Golica Hut you hit the final trail to village Planina pod Golico, where it’s nice if the other car waits for you. In less than eight hours we enjoyed the heart of the Karavanke – gorska veriga and to the full extent admired the beauties and breathed fresh air in silence. The hike is very heterogeneous, with no climbing needed, a nice, fulfilling walk over Slovene Mountain Hiking Trail and Via Alpina. Though the trail is nicely marked all along the way, we only don’t know why on planina Svečica the official arrow points downwards to the road instead of leading on along the ridge. Someone could say that we formally didn’t do the Stol-Golica trail (because we actually weren’t on any of the peaks), but we claim the ridge trail Stol-Golica ours! We ultrarecommend it – would you like to try?

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