Ljubelj-Begunjščica-Ljubelj (round hike)

Ljubelj-Begunjščica-Ljubelj (round hike)

Ljubelj-Zelenica-Veliki vrh Begunjščice-Prevala-Ljubelj

From Ljubelj pass we start ascending in direction of Zelenica hut and from here to NW and later W scree slopes below Begunjščica ridge. Exciting path leads through dwarf pine zone and once we reach western slopes of the mountain, we have to grab a rock or rope here and there. After we reach southern slopes from the crossing towards Roblek hut the path leads below the ridge with views to the south. We slowly reach the highets peak in the ridge, Veliki vrh (The Big peak). It’s nicer to make a loop so we hit the southern trail, first over grassy rocks and later through woods until we reach planina Prevala. There we search for the marked old path through the Born’s tunnels and slowly with views towards Ljubelj and Mt. Košutica we get back to our morning starting point.

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