From Ukanc/Savica to Lepena

From Ukanc/Savica to Lepena


How can you animate young teenagers for a two-day 25-km hike from Ukanc to Komna, over Bogatin Saddle down to the Krn Lake and further to Lepena Valley? Let’s try with a multi-generation march with a promise to ascend at least one peak, higher than 2.000 metres. We did it on yet another hike to celebrate the jubilee of our boss. From Ukanc to Savica and via mulattiera to the Komna Hut and next day, passing the renown sink-hole, the coolest spot in Slovenia, to Mt. Lanževica (2.003 m), and from there slowly descending all the time. First to the Saddle, then to planina Za Lepočami with remnants of military village, built by Italians to maintain and control The Alpine Wall, and finally to the Krn Lake and down to Lepena Valley. Wonderful march, full of greenery and watery, not really exposed rocky terrain, a perfect mix of natural ornaments and artefacts.

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