Room 5 Velebaba

Room 5 Velebaba

Double bed room | twin beds

On Mt. Raduha there lived a giant who was such a hulk of a man, that in forest he easily pulled out a spruce, stripped its branches and made himself a walking stick. He wandered around forests between Luče and Solčava and hunted bears, chamois and stags, roasted them on spit and feasted, and quenched his thirst in Savinja. He had plenty of everything, but wife! But he soon got himself a wife. He roamed around forest of Savinja valley long enough to find one that he liked. Giant’s wife was such a hag that she was taller that the tallest spruce but nonetheless she stretched only up to giant’s shoulders. When she washed her husband’s trousers, Savinja river flew dirty through Luče for three long days and nights. He didn’t wear a shirt since he was hairy all over but one cold winter he also wished to have a shirt. He asked his wife Velebaba (Bighag) to sew him one but she complained she didn’t have a needle to do that. Giant got up to Mt. Raduha, tore its rocky peak and gnawed it so that it became a needle. Then he went to forest day by day to hunt enough deer to get enough skins for his shirt: »Stitch me a shirt so good that I won’t be cold even during coldest of winters!« Velebaba also went to the forest to pick long and thick tendrills of clematis which she used as sewing thread. But before she could finish the shirt, a big rock broke off Mt. Raduha, fell down to clearing where Velebaba sat and killed her instantly. When giant came home and saw his dead wife, he roared so that it echoed from the mountains around. He was so sad and enraged that he tore the needle and threw it down to valley. The needle thrust into soil nearby the road above Savinja and remained there to our days. Giant hid himself in a nearby cave and nobody ever saw him again. Yet he still hunts bears, boars, stags and chamois in forest around Raduha, roast them on spit and feast with them. But he doesn’t quench his thirst in Savinja anymore, he rather comes to drink to underground hole where water of the Intermittent Spring accumulates. When water level falls there, he quenches his thirst in the cave.

If you happen to visit the Logarska valley, near Solčava you’ll see the Intermittent Spring, where water every few minutes rises and then falls again. And not far away there’s a tall, thin, lonely rocky pin that Velebaba used as sewing needle. (abstract from: Lojze Zupanc, Povodni mož v Savinji, Mladinska knjiga, 1971)

What you get

18 sqm room, balcony, two twin beds (90cm), bathroom with shower, the Kriska mountain view, free of charge wifi.

We can arrange for a child’s bed or an extra mattress to be placed in the room. Children under the age of seven can sleep in their parents’ bed free of charge. Cots and extra beds are available on request, free of charge, subject to availability.

Price and supplements

1 person per night 73 - 85 €
2 persons per night 82 - 97 €
Tourist tax per person 2,00 €/day
Tourist tax for children over 7 years old 1,00 €/day
Breakfast per person 13 €
Higher price is valid from 1 June to 30 Sept and from 25 Dec to 6 Jan, lower price all other dates. If guest cancels reservation less than 14 days prior to date of arrival we keep the fee for 1st night accommodation.

For accommodation for more than 7 nights we offer discount.


Rich breakfast is served in the breakfast room on the top floor with breathtaking panoramic view of the Triglav and Julian Alps.

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