Room offers

Room 1 Goldhorn

Double bed room | twin beds
2 15m2 Kriška mountain balcony

Goldhorn’s golden horns were the key to a treasure hidden in the mountains around Triglav. A young, brave hunter from the Trenta Valley, protected by the White women, fell in love with a beautiful girl.

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Room 2 Skrlatica

Double bed room | queen bed
2 15m2 Triglav balcony

Škrlatica is not only the second highest Slovene mountain, but also a fairy from Josip Vandot's tales, who helped the good and punished the bad.

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Room 3 Matjaz

Triple bed room | queen and single bed + extra child bed
3 18m2 Triglav balcony

The legendary King Matjaž had to seek cover with his decimated army in a cave under Mt. Peca. The mountain opened by itself and hid Matjaž from the enemies.

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Room 4 Gorge

Double bed room | bunk bed
2 17m2 Triglav balcony

Dovžan Gorge was fluted into ancient earthy stratum layers - conglomerates, limestones, sandstones and clay - by the steep mountain stream of Tržič Bistrica.

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Room 5 Velebaba

Double bed room | twin beds
2 18m2 Kriška mountain balcony

On Mt. Raduha there lived a giant who was such a hulk of a man, that in forest he easily pulled out a spruce, stripped its branches and made himself a walking stick. He wandered around forests between Luče and Solčava and hunted bears, chamois and stags, roasted them on spit and feasted, and quenched his thirst in Savinja.

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Rent Base Camp house

For larger groups (up to 14 or even 16 people) we offer renting of the whole Base Camp House (2nd and 3rd floor with 6 available rooms with 14 fixed beds, living/dining room with fully equiped kitchen and refrigerator), chill out corner and playroom at the attic.

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For accommodation for larger groups (up to 14 or even 16 people) and for more than 7 nights we offer discount.

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