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Personal data protection

Data management

Personal data on internet site BASE CAMP,, is administered by SOJNI d.o.o. (Ltd.), uporabna umetnost in turizem, d.o.o., Planinska pot 12, 4294 Križe.

Method and purpose of processing

Sent data are processed according to personal data protection rules. They are used only for those purposes for which the user gives their consent. In case that additional processing of data is needed, the user will be notified prior to that and their personal data will be used only after such given consent.

Contact forms and e-mails

The user can send their questions and commentary through web contact form or send their e-mails to e-mail addresses, published on internet sites Collected personal data (name, family name, phone and/or e-mail address) is used only for communication purposes. With e-mails sent the user gives consent to general rules of use of internet site BASE CAMP.

Rights of the user

The user can at any time ask for acquaintance with their personal data collected through web site BASE CAMP, and for their corrigendum or deletion. At their insistence administrator of the web site will allow:

  • corrigendum or completion of personal data,
  • the right of erasure of personal data (the right of oblivion),
  • the right of limitation of personal data management,
  • the right of objection to management and
  • the right of insight and exportation of personal data.

You can send your request in written to the following address: Personal data protection, Sojni d.o.o., Planinska pot 12, 4294 Križe, Slovenia via e-mail

In case of violation of personal data protection the administrator will immediately perform all necessary steps. The user and the Control jurisdiction board of the Republic of Slovenia will be contacted immediately.

Data protection

Personal data given by the user are confident and can be used exclusively according to Slovene legislation and the EU General decree of personal data protection. The administrator is engaged to protect personal data and prevent their abuse.

All personal data are confident and shall be in no case given to unauthorized third parties. The access to personal data is authorized only to persons, employed by administrator. Exception to this rule can only be given upon court order.


By using of web sites BASE CAMP the user agrees with this rules and general conditions. With further use of this sites the user agrees with the changes to general conditions and consecutive the method and purpose of collected personal data management.


Cookies are smaller word data files placed to browser during the visit of certain internet site that allow all features of the internet site. The cookie itself doesn’t contain or collect any personal data, but can help the internet site in better performance of the site, nicer to the user.

Use of cookies

Internet site uses different cookies that can be stored inside different time frames:

Functional cookies are used to store information on user’s set-up (i.e. choice of language) and for quicker and more efficient browsing. These cookies are not mandatory but will effectively improve your user experience.

qtrans_front_language stores language choice of the web site 1 year
cookie_consent tells that cookie notification shouldn’t be shown again 1 year

Analytical cookies help us get insight into how you use our web sites, to establish what works and what does not and by that how we can improve our web site. Through Google Analytics we collect data like information which web site the user visited, number of visits, the kind of platform and date and time. All data are anonymous and are used only for statistical purposes.

_ga used by Google Analytics to differ among users and visits 2 years
_gid used by Google Analytics to differ among users and visits 24 hours
_gat used by Google Analytics to maintain number of requests sent 1 min

Cookies at social sites maintain the proper loading of plug-ins and allow sharing of social site page content through social sites. These cookies note down most information about users and can be also used in a way that interferes with user’s privacy. On web site the Facebook plug-in is used that allows sharing of content via Facebook.

datr, dpr, fr, sb, wd … used to display Facebook Page plugin and content sharing 2 years

Cookie settings

Storage and use of cookies is controlled by the internet browser. The user controls the browser set-up and they can limit or turn off storage of cookies. Stored cookies can also be deleted. See usage instructions on your internet browser support pages:

Last change: 5. 3. 2019

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