Pair of cups with salver

Pair of cups with salver

35.00 €

Cups are unique glazed pottery products on salver made of natural wood. Suitable for serving and drinking of tea and (instant) coffee (with cream). Cups diameter: 10,5 cm, height: 6 cm; salver oval, length: 20 cm, width: 11 cm. The price of the cups with salver is 35,00 EUR (plus 22 % VAT) + postage. The product is safe to come in contact with food (samples tested at NLZOH, nov. 2018)

Prodaja gline, glazur in orodij Potterycrafts

Od leta 2007 smo zastopniki podjetja Potterycrafts, ki ponuja glino, porcelan, glazure, orodja in naprave, ki jih potrebuje keramik v svoji delavnici. Zelo priljubljene so glazure Potterycrafts in Amaco ter bel angleški porcelan, pripravljen po različnih recepturah (David Leach, Audrey Blackman). Če vas zanima naročilo izdelkov iz ponudbe Potterycrafts, nas kontaktirajte.

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